Ah sure look

My chosen title is particular to Ireland and is an Irish idiom.  I love the Irish idioms being that I’m from Dublin. We have extraordinary turns of phrase in use. For example – Sure throw your eye over that  means look at that for me.  Hold your whisht is stop right there or be quiet now while I say my bit. Mind yourself is another way of saying goodbye. Come here to me  means listen up. Would you get out of that is said when you don’t believe or are surprised by what someone just said. Cop on to yourself means wise up. That is just a few of many.

But I chose to use Ah sure lookIt encapsulates everything from ‘It will be ok’ to ‘Leave it as it is’ or ‘It is what it is’. It is a very broad idiom and  in essence says ‘What will be, will be’. It is accepting of how life really is.


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