Nurse Nurse

‘Nurse, nurse – cup of tea?!

Ah for feck sake, you’ve drowned it in milk!

I could have done that meself.

Have you any cake?

Sure that’s a scone, that’s too filling.’

She turns and squints at her neighbour’s visitor.

‘What will you do when your mother dies?

She doesn’t wait for an answer but starts singing.

‘If I was the only girl in the world, and you were the only boy…’

She closes her eyes as she continues singing,

then with the teaspoon in her right hand

she conducts herself.


Pearl has very tiny eyes that

can’t even be magnified by her thick glasses.

Her hair is thinning and despite

having her own teeth a few were missing to the side

which gives her a grimace when she smiled.

She likes skirts and knee high pop socks.


‘Look at yer wan! The face on her!

Sure I’m 84 and I don’t look like that’

she says loudly to no one in particular

as she glances at her neighbour sitting feet away.

She picks up her knitting and

sets about clicking away,

knitting nothing in particular.

She’s nodding to some tune in her head.


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