Rock House






I have been visiting Inishbofin for 23 years sometimes going twice in the one year. I found it accidentally when I was looking for a place to runaway to during a difficult time. I opened a B&B guide and thought that I’d like to leave the country but couldn’t afford flights so I opened the guide on my favourite County, Galway.

I took the picture above on a Nokia 3210 in 2010 on a ramble across the island. From a distance I thought it was a little house but it was all alone in a very desolate cliffy place. I went to investigate and found it was a huge rock. I love this picture as it looks so painterly.

I haven’t been up that way in quite a while and decided to try to find the Rock House. It was a very wintery day and eventually powering through the wind on the North West side of the island I found it. The picture below was taken with an iphone 6 in November 2016.

It is a boulder all alone and how it got to be standing here would have taken millennia, no doubt.






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