Day 6 Drawing

The purpose of this thirty-day exercise is to just get on with it. To participate rather than procrastinate. I have decided not to worry whether I think the drawing is any good but to have done a drawing that day. Trying to form a habit of making rather than thinking I’ll do that in half an hour.

What has always been my down fall is waiting for every condition to be perfect before I started. Having procrastinated by reading many books on creativity I finally hear the call in my ear – just get on with it! I even read a book on procrastination! So enough reading to inspire me. Inspiration only comes when you  are doing.

This morning I had my sketch book by my side but the only medium I could reach with two doggies on my knees was a biro.  I decided to try to do a quick sketch. Easier said than done. Even in sleep they move about so I had started a sketch, he moved and then I waited and got another few seconds before he got off my knee and wandered off.




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