Day 21 Drawing

I had an incident at dog training recently where a stand in trainer picked up my dog and walked off the course with my disobedient canine, whilst muttering something about how he had me well trained! I literally reverted to a 6 year old self in school. I felt as small as my puppy! I knew she was miffed at my dog ignoring my commands and didn’t realise that she was sending me spiriling back to 1968. I knew the distress was an old wound and I spent the rest of the day caring for my pain. 

To cheer up my 1968 self I bought myself really good markers online. A while ago I saw some drawings Grayson Perry had done and discovered that he uses Tombow pens. So they arrived today and I was like a kid with, well, new pens. 

Here’s the result and the kid did prevail!  


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