Day 30 Drawing

Well, here we are at the end of the 30 days and hoping that a lot of habit energy has been established. I feel more connected to myself being actively engaging and having to think of what to draw each day. I am hoping to become more focused on a project but until that project reveals itself to me I will continue drawing everyday.

I had forgotten that this was my thing, my buzz, my jam! I didn’t notice the trophy that I have displayed in my bedroom which was beginning to become the tombstone to my artistic talents. I won 1st prize in a national art competition when I was 18 but managed to avoid anymore success after that.

I have discovered that I work really well when I work fast. I have discovered that I have a quick eye when using something like ink. I have realized that I have a strong base under me. My confidence has increased and my belief in my own skill as an artist is increasing.

I’m delighted to have stopped thinking about doing something and now am actually doing something. Make art every day – just do it!

I did this this morning when I had Millie on my knee. Could just reach my sketch book and a box of coloured pencil. Decided to draw with whatever I pulled out of the box.


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