Finding the thread


Something has happened internally. I have found a thread of a part of myself that was missing. I’m holding on very tightly to this little filament that has wafted my way for fear I might lose it and then have to try and find it again. I’m hoping that the thread is as strong as a strand of spiders  silk so that I have a chance of pulling the lost part towards me, so that I can recover that part of myself fully. I am so excited to have found it and am determined not to lose it again.

It came wafting my way at some point during the 30 day drawing challenge when I ignored my inner critical voice and just got on with my work.

I have discovered that art is easy for me. I have no problem floating through it. Sometimes there is frustration but I know I can figure out what to do. I know to walk away and give it time and when I come back I’m always surprised and something else opens up for me.

I am continuing on this challenge but now with paint and pushing through all the negative thoughts that come my way. I let them come but watch them float on over my head and away.

Now I acknowledged my fears but I don’t dwelt on them and so going through this self-critical barrier has been the key to finding that tiny filament of the part of myself that was lost.


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